SO! How are you? What’s new? Anything exciting happen while I’ve been gone for… ohhhh… 2 weeks?  No? Nothing  new? Alrighty then, let’s just carry on, then!

I’ve been watching my Vancouver Canucks play against the Boston Bruins in the 2011 Stanley Cup Aneurisms, and man, am I ever stressing out. I’ve never been good at watching competitive sports, but I can’t seem to turn away. That’s not true. I can look away. I actually go and crawl into the bathtub and let The Cheerleader I Live With watch the rest of the game while I attempt to read a People magazine that I stole from the doctor’s office. Yeah, I know, I know… those magazines are costly, and if I can’t curb my insatiable need to know exactly what flavour of ice cream that Kim Kardashian prefers, I’m going to bankrupt my doctor.

Anyway, aside from watching/avoiding hockey games, I haven’t been up to much else. Including writing. Again.

I’ve stopped dead. I’ve stopped cold. My book is a corpse.

I’m really hoping that I can pick it back up again, but my ability to make excuses and procrastinate is pretty incredible. I never knew I had so much ability to be able to stunt my ability so ably. Instead of just getting down to it and tap-tap-tapping away at words, paragraphs and pages, I sit down, open my document and think, “good christ this is a big project, and a hell of a lot of work that I probably can’t do“.  As my friend Brendan says, I’ve afflicted myself with “paralysis by analysis”.  I think too much.

Perhaps I should start drinking Absinthe, or maybe place a rotting apple in my desk drawer… maybe lop an ear off?

Whatever. Let’s just take this day-by-day, shall we? It’s harder to get lost that way.