There is no other word to describe what happened in our beautiful city last night.

Yes, we lost the Stanley Cup to a team that deserved to win the game. But while most of us stuck to our sorrow, some drunken gits took the opportunity to destroy property and hurt people. I want people to know that the dicksmacks who rioted would have done so whether we won or lost. These fartwads were looking for any opportunity to start trouble, and needed no prodding to make it continue.

I want to apologize to The Boston Bruins for marring their deserved victory.

I want to apologize to The Vancouver Canucks for having some asshats use them as an excuse to go batshit nuts.

I want to apologize to the hard-working police, RCMP, and especially the Vancouver City workers who stayed up all night cleaning up.

I also want to THANK the Vancouver City workers for staying up all night and cleaning up. I want to thank the VPD, RCMP, and the security guards who did their best in this incredibly sad situation. I want to thank THE REAL FANS who left the scene, and went on their way home to cry a little, and express their feelings appropriately. I want to thank the great citizens of this city who went into town this morning and helped clean up the remaining mess. I want to thank all the bloggers and news sites, and whistle-blowers who are assisting the VPD in obtaining evidence and identifying law-breakers.

In this day and age of Facebook, iPhones, blogs, YouTube, and about a bazgillion* other ways to record the events of the moment, these non-fan, cocksnugglers still thought it would be a great idea to act far below their age, and our intelligence.  So, feel free to go HERE, HERE, HERE, and/or HERE… there are lots of other sites up, but I can’t link them all, I’m afraid. Go get ’em, people!

Finally, I would like to thank THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS for their incredible Stanley Cup run. They played an amazing year, and I’m so proud of them – I thank them for giving me weeks and months of hope and happiness. It wasn’t supposed to end this way, and of course I was hoping they would finally hoist that cup, but dammit, they did a great job. Thank you boys.

Go, Canucks, go.


*Bazgillion may or many not be a real number