So, every morning over breakfast,  The Cheerleader I Live With and I read to each other from some book or other. Right now we’re making our way through a book about UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ve gone through the Americas, Europe, Africa and now we’re onto Asia. This morning he read about a place called Hatra in Iraq. Apparently this little place was invaded by the Romans a few times, and the Iraqi people were getting fairly choked at the whole ‘our people have been killed and we have to rebuild our city again’ type of thing. So, they created a new type of weapon: The Scorpion Bomb! They basically stuffed a bunch of angry scorpions into clay pots, then launched the scorpionful pots at the invading Romans. Isn’t that awesome?! It paints such a fantastic picture, doesn’t it?

Speaking of fantastic pictures…

This one comes courtesy of my friend A.C., and he just wanted to show the world what some amazing citizens of Vancouver can do to help us all forget the idiocy that was the Wednesday night riot. Thanks A.C., and thanks to everyone else who went out there and cleaned the city up.   xo

Dog bowls are disgusting. The amount of slobber left in a dog bowl after the dog finishes chowing down is pretty disgusting. I don’t really realize how disgusting dog bowls are until The Cheerleader I Live With lets out a distinct “BLECH!!” while he’s washing the breakfast dishes and I’m safely sitting on the couch writing my blog.

For some reason I have the word “purple” stuck in my head today. Just on a loop. Purple… purple… purple…what an odd little word. Purple… purple… purple…

You know what I hate? Mosquitoes. I just really, really hate those things. They’re ugly, ravenous, annoying little bastards whose sole purpose in life is to piss everyone off. So… they’re basically the insect world’s version of Republicans.  Oooooh, GA-ZING!!

Well folks, time to wrap it up. Time to start this Friday, just so I can be so very happy when it’s finished. Happy Friday, everyone! Hope it’s a fabulous day that starts off a brilliant, mosquito-free weekend!