Usually my morning goes like this:

Get snuzzed awake at 6am by a ridiculously cute and overly-active border collie, then get a bed-side visit from a giddy ol’ biddy border collie. The alarm goes off at 7am… stay in bed until about 7:10 when the automatic-start coffee machine signals the end of its brewing. I get up, make coffee for The Cheerleader I Live With, and make a mocha for myself, while the ridiculously cute and overly-active border collie runs around the dining room table and yips, and the giddy ol’ biddy border collie watches me with a waggy tail and (for some reason) a shaking bottom jaw.

The four of us go for a walk, and then come in to eat breakfast together. Then, after clearing the table, I get to sit down and write my blog. I sit and stare at my MacBook screen for a few seconds and then ask The Cheerleader I Live With what I should write about. He usually suggests something that isn’t exactly family-friendly, so I ignore him and continue to stare at the screen for a while longer.

Then I start getting frustrated at how difficult it can be to write. I start getting down on myself for not being able to sit down and have the words arc out of my brain like a rainbow, splashing that white, blank page with colour and wit. I grumble that I never had this problem last year when I was writing my Kili blog. I could just sit down and blarf all over the screen and walk away satisfied. But now I’m all screwed up. My word sinuses are all stuffed up. I need to blow my literary brain or something…

Then I look back at what I wrote on  June 22nd, 2010… and I realize that maybe it’s best if I stay stuffed up sometimes.

June 22, 2010