So, The Cheerleader I Live With and I are working with a personal trainer to get into shape. We’re doing pretty well, and we’re gearing up for a photoshoot in August, so we want to be able to look our best. We exercise regularly, we eat fairly well, avoid alcohol and sweet stuff as much as possible, and generally do everything we can to keep our cravings and temptations at bay.

And then I go out yesterday and doing something really, really stupid. I get this.

What an idiot! Do you know how BAD of an idea this was!? I’m trying to eat right, and then I go out and buy an easy-to-use recipe book from a bakery that looks like this, and makes stuff that looks like this!? The timing could not have been worse, as I had an epiphany over the weekend that I’m actually quite content with how my body looks, and I should lay off on the strict, militant dieting and self-loathing. For the greater part of my life, I’ve wrestled with my self-image, and have been a constant, consistent insulter of myself. And now I’ve *finally* let a good deal of that negativity go… and then I go out and buy the cutest, pinkest, girliest cookbook from the cutest, pinkest, girliest patisserie in North America.

Stupid Miette. Ruining my life. Pffft…. jerks. The whole lot of them! Just jerks.

Now I’m going to have to work extra hard in order to keep myself from turning all Stay-Puft and all  I-Hate-Me-esque. It’ll be tough, but, nothing is going to get in my way! Perfect, tempting, adorable cookbook be damned!

Oooooh… macaroons!