This morning  while I was cutting up grapefruit for The Cheerleader I Live With and I to enjoy at breakfast, I was delighted to hear that Party Bird is back! Who is Party Bird? Party Bird is a bird that lives in the trees by our house, and every time we hear Party Bird, we are reminded just how fun life can be. Now, I have no idea what kind of bird Party Bird actually is, but Party Bird sounds like… well… like life is a total party for him. Party Bird’s call sort of sounds like he’s sitting around on tree branches going, “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I can just imagine him rocking back and forth on a tree branch with a tiny glass of champagne in his …hand? Wing… whatever….  and a big smile across his tiny face, maybe some tiny Mardi – Gras beads around his tiny neck, and just yelling out “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!” at random intervals. I want to be a Party Bird when I grow up.

Party Bird makes me smile. He also reminds me of all the other weird things/people in my life that make me smile. Y’see, The Cheerleader I Live With and I have a strange tendency to name all the non-important, but somewhat-important people/things in our lives. For example…

Kim Mitchell – the guy who drives to the park by our house, then sits in his truck and listens to music. The first time we saw him, he was listening to “Patio Lanterns” on full volume. Since then, he’s always been Kim Mitchell to us. Even though his name is actually John.

Stoner Kid – there’s a teenaged kid who rides his 10-speed bike to the park by our house, then disappears into the woods for an hour or so. He has his weed stashed in an old plastic Coke bottle in the woods somewhere, and after he finds it, he goes to a nice secluded place and lights up. The Cheerleader I Live With has met Stoner Kid, and does know his real name, but for the sake of his privacy, I won’t be revealing his name here. Good ol’ Stoner Kid.

Hibatchi Man -Ahhh, Hibatchi Man. This nice old guy lives out of his little red car, we think. We see him making breakfast on his Hibatchi each morning, with the hatchback on his little red car open, showing us all his worldly possessions. The only thing we don’t really like about Hibatchi Man is the fact that he leaves his garbage lying around after he’s done. Not cool, Hibatchi Man, not cool.

Afghan Guy -This guy is AWESOME. He lives in False Creek somewhere, and when I lived in Vancouver a few years ago, I used to see him everywhere. He walks along the seawall with his FIVE Afghan dogs. It is incredibly beautiful to see him walk along with this undulating river of silky dogs floating beside him.  It is SO cool. I noticed that Afghan Guy has a new baby, though, and the last time I saw him (Wednesday), his wife was yelling at him that the baby needed more attention than the dogs did. I don’t think Afghan Guy was too pleased about that. Doubt the dogs were, either.

Anyway, the point is, between Party Bird, Kim Mitchell, Stoner Kid, and Afghan Guy, (and Montauk the Beaver, the Bitchy Swan, and Blowfish the Owl who I’ve mentioned in previous posts), I have to admit that life is good, and that there’s always someone or something around to make me smile.  I hope you can say the same about your life, too.

Happy Friday!