Happy Birthday, Canada! Ahhh, yes. A day of BBQs and over-eating… it’s like we’re American for the day! (Oooooh… buuuurn…)

I am angry at Tom’s of Maine. They changed their toothpaste tube, and with my lame, pathetic, arthritic fingers, I can’t get all the toothpaste out of the tube anymore! Thankfully I’ve got the young, virile, helpful Cheerleader I Live With to help out. Thanks for the hygiene assistance, darling.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you all that I finally got myself an iPhone. But the more I realize it, the more I understand that an iPhone just got itself a me. That thing will control my life, I just know it. As my friend Ste. Croix so ominously, yet jauntily, said “I, for one, welcome our Smart Phone Overlords”.

Oh! Just so you all know – my toenails have finally grown back! That means I can wear open-toes shoes without having to colour in my missing toenails with nailpolish-colour-corresponding Jiffy marker. I can’t wait to get another pedicure!

Hmmm… maybe there’s an app for that…

Happy Canada Day everyone!!