Weird. Today it is hot and sunny which, while in itself is weird, is not why I’m saying ‘weird’ to begin with. The weird thing about today is my pants.

The last time I wore these pants, I was trudging down a mountain in Tanzania, elated to be finished with what I hoped would be my last camping experience ever.  I also wore these pants when I was trudging UP that same mountain in Tanzania, grumbling about the fact that I have to spend numerous days camping.

Anyhoo… when putting the pants on, I had a mild anxiety attack, as though I had somehow been transported back almost 365 days ago, and fearing that I would have to steel myself for the fact that I would soon be camping.

But then, my brief moment of panic subsided, and I happily realized that I was in no way camping, and had in fact just stepped out of a nice, warm shower where I was in close proximity to soap and other body-cleaning materials.

Stupid pants. Freaking me out for no good reason. Bad pants! BAD!!

Speaking of bad pants, Men in Kilts just showed up, so I’d better go and answer the door!

Yay for no pants!