So, The Cheerleader I Live With‘s mum went on a cruise a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I’ll bet you’re thinking to yourself, “aaand… so what?”

And that in turn would lead me to thinking, “well aren’t you the little snotty pants!”

That’s not true. I’m lying. I’m thinking to myself, “I would also be thinking the same thing if someone told me that their boyfriend’s mum went on a cruise, so they’re totally justified in their thinking, and I really should be ashamed of myself for labeling someone a snotty pants, when I myself would then be a snotty pants…”

I think I just thought myself into a migraine.

Aaaaaaaanyway, to get back to this cruise… it was no mere cruise! In fact, it was a course put on by SFU. That’s right, a course! What kind of course, you ask? Well, it was a course on writing a novel! So… a novel-writing course on a cruise ship?

Yep. That’s it exactly.

What a fantastic idea. Why do school work at school, when you can do it on a boat instead!? It costs about the same, and it’s way more enticing, I think. And especially a novel-writing course! All that time to be inspired by nature, all that silence, all that time without distractions like laundry, and grocery shopping, and border collies who never leave you alone. Freaking brilliant. I *love* this idea.

I haven’t yet read through the course notes she gave me, but I’m thinking that I may just have to steal a boat from the marina, grab a bottle of wine, and float around on the Fraser River and read up on novel writing. I’ll bring my laptop, and then I can just sit there on the water, writing my book, until the cops show up.