Ok, I get it, Summer. You’re  pissed right off at us, and you’re not coming home. Sure, you makes appearances to pick up clothes and check for messages, but other than that, you’ve gotten yourself a room at the cheap Motel 6 across country. Not only are ignoring us, you’re making a point of showing us how easily you can flirt with other provinces, and how those other provinces appreciate you.

Well you know what summer? Fuck you. Yeah, you heard that right! We don’t need you! We have patience, and resilience, and ingenuity, and tanning salons… We know you’ll you’ll be back. You can’t ignore us forever. You can try, but we all know the truth: you need us just as much as we need you. We know you love to see our smiling faces. We know you love to hear children laughing as they play in the ocean. We know you love the smell of backyard bbq’s.  So yeah, we know you’ll be back.

So go ahead and play with all the other provinces. We don’t care! In fact, from what we hear, they’re pretty sick of you already. You came on too strong for them, and now they just want you to leave. That’s right, they just totally one-season-standed your ass, Summer.

And how’s about this, Summer – while you’re out trying hard to make other provinces like you, WE’RE going to go to other countries, and enjoy THEIR summer instead. And when we come back, we know it won’t be long before you’re banging on our door again, begging us to let you come back. And you know what we’ll do then?

We’ll open the door and give you a really, big, fat hug.

We miss you.

These other countries just aren’t the same! And other provinces don’t love you like we love you…

Please come home.