So, yesterday The Cheerleader I Work For sent me a message as he was updating his website. He noticed that at the bottom of all the emails he sent out from his business, it said,  ‘support robyn in her climb….’, with a link to the Delta Hospice (who I climbed Kili to raise money for) site so that people could make donations directly to them.

The Cheerleader I Work For was such a strong supporter of me, and he was so generous with his sponsorship. Nice thing is, he’s still a totally rad guy, and I’m not just saying that because he signs my paycheque.  No one needs to be paid to like this guy – he’s pretty great for free.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, his email got me thinking: what exactly was I doing last year at this time? Let’s find out, shall we?

I can still remember how scared I was getting at this point in my journey. So close to leaving, but the departure date was just far enough away to still make it seem like it wasn’t real at all yet. Sometimes I still wonder if it was real or not… did I actually DO that?! Really? Weird.

Writing The Book about it reminds me that it was all real, I guess, but when I go back and read my blog posts from last year, it doesn’t seem like it was me at all! Funny how that is, eh? I wonder what I’ll be saying about myself this time next year? Hopefully something like, “Good crap, I worried and complained a lot! It all turned out just fine… what was I going on about? Sheesh!”

On a side note, I’d like to give a wee shout-out to a new friend who got engaged last night to a totally awesome woman who just happens to be the best gal-pal of The Cheerleader I Live With. Congratulations you two! You freaks are perfect for each other.  xo