let my Robyn go.  I hear ya’, Cameron. I really do.

So, I’m a tad ill these days – think I’ve picked up Strep Throat or something, which really sucks… thankfully I don’t have some jackass best friend who wants me to steal my dad’s car as part of some scheme to get my best friend’s leather-fringe-laden girlfriend out of school for the day so that we can all go watch a parade, visit an art gallery, and pretend to be the Sausage King of Chicago.

Nope, all I’ve got is to do today is muster up the energy to get myself to a walk-in clinic (my doctor is on vacation for 2 more weeks), eat lots of popscicles, drink lots of fluids, play some Angry Birds, and nap. Maybe I’ll find some great 80’s movie to watch, or something. If only I could think of one