Well crap. I forgot about the whole Friday Trainwreck thingy… I’ll answer Anonymous‘ 2nd question on MONDAY, alright? Alright!

So, I get to go sailing tomorrow! The Cheerleader I Live With and his crazy my-dad-doppleganger dad (it’s so very weird that our dads look the same and act the same… it’s just… wrong on a lot of levels, really) are going to brave being with me, out on the the water, for many hours. I will try to be on my best behaviour so that I don’t get thrown overboard for being my annoying self. I’ll have to brush up on some nautical terminology so that I look all smart n’ crap. “Hoist the mizzen and walk the plank!”

… I am SO going to get thrown overboard, aren’t I?

The Cheerleader I Live With and I have a “To Do” list on our fridge. One item on the list was “stop getting dogs”, because we seem to take in strays, and we also foster for the That’ll Do Border Collie Rescue. Our last foster dog was a handful, and we decided to not take anymore dogs in. That decision netted us about a month of freedom.  The other day we snaggled ourselves a new foster dog! He had no name when he arrived in rescue, so we were calling him John Dog/Dog Doe until we could get things sorted. Well, it didn’t take long to find a good name! Since he’s a Scottish border collie, and since he would respond to “Hey!”, we, naturally, have decided to call him “Heymish”. Of course we will spell it “Hamish” when he goes up on the site when he’s ready for adoption, but for now, he’s our sweet little Heymish. I luff hims. He’s such a rad little beast – super affectionate, hella adorable, killer smart, and all around awesome. It’s going to be difficult to say goodbye to my little Heymish.  *whimper*  …he needs a Forever Home, and we’re going to make sure he gets the perfect one.

I need to have a shower. I’d have a bath, but lately I’ve become addicted to playing Angry Birds while I’m in the bath, and as The Cheerleader I Live With so aptly pointed out, baths are for relaxing. Angry Birds is for getting frustrated. The two do not work together for the benefit of my peace in anyway whatsoever. Boo.

*looks out window*… huh. There’s a man outside smoking a cigarette. This wouldn’t be interesting at all except for the fact that he looks exactly like George Clooney… if George Clooney were fat, stooped, and had terrible taste in clothing (not to mention terrible taste in vices).

Happy Friday!