This morning, as per usual, I read an entry in The Book of Even More Awesome that was all about ‘slowing down’. It got me thinking about myself a little bit, and how I live my life these days.

Y’see, last week The Cheerleader I Live With and I went to a secluded part of Cresent Rock beach, and… well, we got all nuded up. I’ve never done that before! I mean, when I was in Greece I went topless and all, but that’s like, law in Europe or something. Europe has all sorts of great laws: must go topless on beaches, alcoholic beverages must be consumed in public at anytime, homemade wine must be sold in grocery stores for about $2 a bottle… things like that. (Wait… why do I live in North America again?)

Anyway, I digress. I was talking about public nudity, and I suspect you all want me to get back to that ASAP. So yes, aside from some geese, a few bees, the two guys drunk on Jagermeister about 300ft away from us, and the small personal airplane that kept flying overhead repeatedly, The Cheerleader I Live With and I were all alone. It was pretty nice to be all sun-warmed while stretched out on a big slab of incredibly uncomfortable rock, (quick note: a thin layer of towel is not sufficient padding for naked bums on rumply granite), eating cherries and reading escapist fiction. It was the ultimate in ‘slowing down’, really.

Life is all about simplicity for me now. I have a tendency to stress out about pretty much everything, and I will also admit to blowing things really out of proportion from time to time. So, as it is, I have to had to learn to, how does one say it? Oh yes: chill the fuck out.

So here’s the thing; I think I need to apply that to the writing process. I need to chill the fuck out, get naked, and ignore the yelling Jagerdrunks who mar the sunny, warm perfection of simplicity. I need to just relax and enjoy the time I’m spending, without having to think about what comes next. Minute by minute, sentence by sentence, it’ll all come together.

Funny, I just realized that I’m building myself back up to start writing again.

I like that.