Sometimes, just every once in a while, I get a renewed sense of joy in humanity when someone does something that not only benefits others, but is also completely unique. Enter Jonathan Stark. He’s rad. Why? Because he’s doing THIS. And if you want to watch it all go down as time ticks by, you can shuffle on over to HERE and watch as people buy a coffee, or make donations to the card.

Maybe getting a free cup of coffee isn’t going to solve the world’s problems, but it can certainly make it a better place to live. One more smiling person can’t be a bad thing, can it? And maybe, just maybe, if you want to make someone smile today, perhaps you’d consider dropping a couple of bucks onto Jonathan’s card. Maybe someone in Wichita will have a latte on you. Maybe someone in Rotterdam will snarfle down a mocha due to your generosity. Maybe someone in Edinburgh will get a free dose of their daily black because you gave them the opportunity to. Who knows what they might do for someone else because you were so rad to make their day a little better. Kind of cool if you think about it, isn’t it?

Kind of reminds me of THIS GUY, who I think has a brilliant idea on his hands. In fact, as some of you may recall, I shared a cuppa with him a while back, and it was pretty damn cool (I got the honour of being Cup #8!).

Hmmm… maybe you’d like to strike up a face-to-face with Greg. Just an idea. And hey, we all know that ideas can lead to great thinking, right?

Anyway, I am declaring today “Karma Day”. So let’s all do something nice for a stranger today, just because. Not because you think you should, but maybe just because you can.

Happy Karma Day!