This morning, in an attempt to re-motivate myself, I shuffled through our bookshelf and found The Artist’s Way. My good friend Kim had given me this book years ago, long before I ever knew I might need it. The inscription in it shows that Kim was way ahead of me. Isn’t that always the case? Your friends can see so much potential in you, and they do their best to encourage it, but until you finally see it in yourself, they’re stuck with just giving you books that they’ll hope you’ll read someday. Today is, apparently, someday.

A lot of people have told me about The Artist’s Way, and how it’s seen as some sort of textbook for living a creative, artistic life. It’s supposed to be a powerful way to let your talent escape the confines of your doubting brain, and run around freely in the open spaces of foreverness. Because that’s it really, isn’t it? Once your ideas are out there, they’re out there forever. Someone may ignore them, someone may latch onto them, someone may find them laughable, and someone may find them important and inspirational. You just never know what you’ll create when you allow yourself to.

So anyway, I’m going to have a boo at this book and see what it says. Maybe I’ll ignore it, maybe I’ll latch onto it, maybe I’ll find it laughable, or maybe I’ll find it important and inspirational.

I’ll keep you posted.