Goooooooooood Friday, everyone! I love the feeling of Fridays! The air is just bouncy with happiness, as people spend the day skimming over work in anticipation of bbqs, dinners out, drinks on the patio, and (for some freaks) camping. Powering down your desk PC at the end of a Friday work day is such a great feeling, isn’t it? That should be in The Book of Awesome, because it’s just really, really awesome.

Yesterday The Cheerleader I Live With and I tromped around the marsh, got bitten by mosquitoes, snuzzled on the motorbike, and bared some skin on the boardwalk, all in the name of art. We had a few snacks, had a few drinks, and had our friend Justine over to snap some photos of us, just because. And tomorrow we get to do more of the same. However, tomorrow we will be doing a shoot for our personal trainer, which is going to be AWESOME becausewe’regoingtoDQandgettingicecreamrightafter… *cough*

So, good news! We think that the Border Collie Rescue may have found a Forever Home for Heymish! Such great news! He’ll be so happy, and his new Forever Family will love him. Cross your fingers for our wonderful little HeyHey – he deserves the perfect home to grow old and be loved in. *crosses fingers*

The Cheerleader I Live With is sitting next to me swearing at stupid, round, tiny, fat, laughing, loser, green pigs. I’m tempted to take my iPhone away from him, and make him go play X-Box so that he can go swear at stupid, round, tiny, fat, laughing, loser, green football players. He takes his Madden very seriously. I’ve learned to not interfere when he starts questioning the throwing ability of Imaginary Jay Cutler. I just go have a bath and pretend I’m not in love with someone who yells at Imaginary Jay Cutler.

I like bread. I also like pasta. I want bread that’s made out of pasta… and chocolate. PastaChocolate bread! With sprinkles. Served on ice cream. With some fresh fruit and garlicy-lemony spot prawns served on the side! I am not pregnant.

Lots of people I know are all knocked-up, though. We’ve got friends who are expelling new humans from their nether regions, and we’ve also got friends who are getting all diamondified and weddimicated… ahhhh, summer. Babies and engagements abound. I think The Cheerleader I Live With and I are quite content with foster dogs and ice cream. Ahhh, summer.

UPDATE: The Cheerleader I Live With has given up on Angry Birds, and is now mauling Heymish. HeyHey is wagging his tail in absolute bliss, and I suspect that, given HeyHey’s history of being cuddle-mauled, he will sneeze in The Cheerleader I Live With‘s face in 5… 4… 3…

Happy Friday, everyone!!