I know it’s unusual to have my post 2x in a day, but this is important, and I want it up all weekend so that as many people as possible can see it. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

There are people going around dressed as “Animal Welfare Officers”, and approaching homes with dogs. They inform the owner that there has been a “complaint of animal abuse/neglect”, and they need to take the dog to a vet to “discount the allegations” through a veterinary check-up.

The people who own these dogs and let them go with the official looking “Officers” never see their dogs again.

The people who are doing this are NOT ANIMAL WELFARE OFFICERS, and they are NOT RESCUE WORKERS. Rescues do not steal dogs. Animal welfare officers cannot remove an animal from a home unless they have a warrant.

Please be vigilant about this – keep your pets indoors, do not allow anyone to remove your dog from your home, demand to see credentials and paperwork for apprehension, and please, please keep an eye out for the two pups that have been featured in The Food Lady’s blog.

If you have any information about these “officers”, or if you see these dogs, please contact your local ASPCA or your local police.

Thank you.