So, I just read that Sir Richard Branson’s home on his private island (Necker) recently burned down – that’s crappy, eh? I mean, yah, the guy can certainly afford to rebuild, but having your home burn down is such a traumatic thing. My friend’s nutty dog once killed one of Richard Branson’s very expensive flamingos (I’m not kidding), and that was fairly tragic, but this really is just another category of horror. I’m looking forward to seeing what he rebuilds, though – the guy is so cool and innovative… the world needs more people like Richard Branson. He’s full of ideas, he’s not afraid to try anything once, and aside from water skiing with a naked supermodel on his back, he’s apparently pretty down to earth. Wish we could hear more stories about people like that instead of suffering through American political tripe and blather.

I want to be cool and innovative. I have so many friends that are crazy/amazing (“cramazing”), that I feel like I’ve got to measure up somehow. See, one friend of mine just decided to up and move to Bordeaux, France for a month just to learn to speak French. One friend runs a resort in the British Virgin Islands with her husband and their 2 sickeningly-adorable children. Another friend blogs for a living. Yet another is an actor/singer/photographer for a living, and one manages actors/singers/writers/entertainers for a living.

I have a friend who dropped her career to become a fabulous chef… another couple of friends own one of the best restaurants in the city, and one blogs about her dogs and has a bazgillion* followers. One wrote a highly-successful children’s book, one runs a highly-successful yoga studio, and one runs a highly-successful spa out of her own home.

One of my best friends overcame tragedy and used her grief as inspiration. She’s now living out her dream of being the lead singer in a band.

Another of my friends is the owner/operator of an amazing travel company specializing in voluntours. I have friends who are DJs, tour with rock bands, design and make their own clothing, raise 7 children AND work part-time, and I have friends who travel the world, friends who climb mountains, and friends who play lead guitar in a band.

All these people (and a hell of a lot more, I may add) do incredible things and I’m so proud to know each one of them. Like I said, though, I need to step it up! I gotta’ get on the same playing field as these people, or I’m going to lose the game altogether… I need to be more. I need to stop being afraid.

Those cramazing people I just told you about got over their fears and are just living their lives in the best possible way. Hmmm… now that I think about it, it seems like I’ve forgotten my motto. Huh. Just realized that right this second. Gotta’ get that motto back up and running, dammit!

Do it. Do it now.

*Bazgillion may or may not be a real number