As I sit on my couch, with a happy belly full of toast, apples and mocha, I look over at The Cheerleader I Live With (who is, of course, playing Angry Birds), and think to myself, ‘what were we doing a year ago today?’

Oh right. I was doing THIS.

(Who knows what The Cheerleader I Live With was doing… but at least I know that he wasn’t playing Angry Birds).

After the watching the little video from the above link, The Cheerleader I Live With said, “that doesn’t even sounds like you… you’ve got, like, a lounge singer’s voice in that video”. Little does he know that my sinuses are so crammed full of Kili dirt and Kili dust, that it’s clogging my voice all the way to Kathleen Turnerville.

And so, reflecting on the fact that a year ago today I was wandering (oh so slowly) up a mountain in Tanzania, Africa, I decide one thing about today: I’ve got some more writing to do.