Well, yesterday I introduced you to Pillow Fight Guy, and now I’d like to show you THIS.

(And  quick follow-up: Pillow Fight Guy added a message to my blog about his video yesterday – what a cool, crazy world it is sometimes… gotta’ love those small things that make you smile big).

Oh hey, have a boo at THIS… talk about cool and innovative! (thanks to my pal Aargh Dammit for passing it along!)

Just to let you know, I did finally do some writing this week. My Monday Trainwrite seems to have been effective… guess setting goals actually *does* work. I should do that more often… maybe on a Monday or something. Perhaps with some sort of regularity.

The Cheerleader I Live With just filled up my water bottle, brought it to me, put it down on the table and said, “here you go, I’ll just put it right on JLo’s cleavage” (what guy hasn’t wanted to say those words, amirite!?)…

I really like my subscription to Vanity Fair. I love it when it arrives in the mail, because it basically means that I’m going to spend an hour that night sitting in the bath, drinking wine, reading about the snooty people, and looking at high-end clothing ads.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway, I think I’m going to go eat some Greek yogurt with honey now. Because I can.

Life is good, people.

Happy Friday!