Ok, so… Monday Trainwrite is here. What’s my goal for the week?? Hmmm… ok, I know! I am going to write about my “Perfect Career”. I was asked to do this by someone, and I think it’s a fab idea. I know a few people who may benefit from doing the same thing. Maybe you should do it, too. I’m also setting a second goal to work on The Book for 10 minutes everyday. Just 10 minutes. I can do that.

It was a beautiful hot, sunny weekend, my brother and pseudo-sister-in-law just returned from their trip to the Arctic, The Cheerleader I Live With and I went to a very cool, very eclectically attended celebration of life for his Auntie Andrea, and we got our foster dog to stop scratching his ears so damn much.  All in all, it was a productive, emotional weekend.

I need a day off from my days off!

Happy Monday!