Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday – I was a little caught up with writing The Book, and wanted to focus on that. I’m sure you can understand… I find it a bit tough to blog and work on The Book at the same time, as my energy is too focused on each task, and my head gets all weirded out.  I’ll try to sort that out, though.

Short blog today, as I’d like to get back to writing again as soon as I can. Going to head to work in a bit, put in a couple of hours, then run back home and type type type. See you tomorrow!

Oh! A little update for you: our foster dog Heymish may very well have found his Forever Home! Yay for Heymish! We met with the family on Monday, and they fell head over heels in love with the little furball, and he was very happy to snuzz up to their lovely daughter and get all the attention that he possibly could. Even though we’ll miss him, we’re thrilled that he’s going someplace wonderful. Congratulations Heymish!! xo