So, my fabulous cheerleader Momx7 has been pestering asking me to get myself a copy of something called ‘Scrivener’. She says that it’s been really helpful to her as she slogs her way through her own book-writing process, and she figured that it would help me, too.  So, I looked it up, and poked around on the website to see what it was all about. I got completely lost and figured that Momx7 must be some sort of weirdo, and so decided to ignore her advice.

And thus, weeks (and weeks) went by without my writing one single word on The Book.

I received an email from Momx7 a few days ago, asking me how I was doing with Scrivener. I ignored the email for as long as I could. Then guilt got the better of me, and I fessed up. I told her that I didn’t actually get Scrivener. I could see Momx7  shaking her head in disgust as she read my confession.

I couldn’t take it! Momx7 has been so patient and cheerlead-y… I got Scrivener to assuage my guilt for letting Momx7 down. Must thank The Cheerleader I Live With for helping with the install (read: he installed it, I ate chips).

And so?

Well people, Scrivener ROCKS. What the hell was I doing waiting so long to get this thing? Not only has it gotten me writing again, it’s gotten me excited about writing again! It’s also taken The Book in a new direction – taking it places that I didn’t even know it was supposed to go. I’m just along for the ride at this point, and as soon as I get a better grip on this pony, I’ll be riding it all the way to Finishedville.

I kind of just want to stay home and write all day now!  Well, write and eat chips.

I like chips.

I like chips, and Scrivener, and Momx7.

Yay for Momx7!