Good afternoon!

Sorry to keep you all waiting, I had a dentist appointment this morning, and so had to be tortured with a teeny-tiny pressure washer to the gums instead of sitting down and writing my blog. Not a fair trade at all. Just sayin’.

This past weekend was fabulous. I went to a teeny-tiny island with The Cheerleader I Live With and the most sane members of his family. Well actually, I think they’re the members of his family that like me the most, so perhaps I would do better to question their sanity, after all. Whatever… it was a lovely weekend filled with sunshine, nature walks, dogs gouging their feet on barnacles and pouting for the rest of the day, ice cream, wine, good food, and great company. So, aside from my dog Sadly von Poutmaster bleeding all over this teeny-tiny island, all went very well indeed. I even brought my laptop so that I could write! …which of course I did absolutely none of. I blame the wine.

So, after that sunshine-y, happy weekend, I am set to set a goal for this upcoming week. Ok, here we go:

I am going to spend at least 30 minutes writing this week. Not everyday, but 30 minutes minimum for the entire week. I will also spend 30 minutes NOT being completely envious of E The Cheerleader, who is living a beautiful life in a beautiful place. That will be the harder goal of the two, I am sure.

Happy Monday!