Keira Knightley eats 5 yards of steak tartare everyday. At least that’s what she told me last night in the dream I had. My brain is stupid.

Aaaaaaaanyway, On Saturday, The Cheerleader I Live With and I went to Playland (also known as Superhappyfuntimeville) and wasted a few hours going on rides and making ourselves ill. My stomach is not the spry young pup it once was!  Y’see, I enjoy amusement park rides, and so does The Cheerleader I Live With

But, we may have done one or two rides too many…

The park was practically empty for the entire time that we were there. It was raining that morning, so I guess everyone wussed out and stayed home. Not us! We threw on our raingear and set off in search of fun! There were no lineups at all, so we had the run of the place and took serious advantage of the time. However, it didn’t take all that long for me to very clearly understand that my stomach is not as strong as it once was. What happened to me!? I used to be able to go on ride after ride, and just keep going back for more between stops for pizza and cotton candy. But not anymore. At one low point, I actually felt OLD as I stood beside the Hell’s Gate ride we had just stepped off of, wondering why the hell I had just done that to myself.

Crepe paper stomachs aside, a good time was had by all!

Well, by *almost* all…

See the guy in the yellow car, wearing the blue and white shirt? We nicknamed him “The Bored Hipster”, because he sat on this ride with his arms crossed, and his headphones in his ears, just out-and-out pouting about the fact that he was sitting on this stupid ride. He looked like he was absolutely hating it. Funniest thing… he went on the ride repeatedly! He would get off the ride, then walk right back into line. We decided that he must be doing this ride over and over again as some sort of stunt, like a fundraising thing or something. Whatever. He was still a sour-faced git.

It’s a good thing that amusement parks always have a cure for what ails you…

Hope he had some of these at some point. Life is way too short not to enjoy yourself, and it’s a waste altogether if you don’t let yourself have some mini-donuts when you go to the amusement park.

Happy Monday, everyone!