So, last night The Cheerleader I Live With and I, along with a couple of friends, went to see the Pearl Jam concert. I’d never seen them live before, so it was kind of… trippy. I mean, I started listening to them 20 years ago! The concert itself was awesome, and Eddie Vedder knows how to work a crowd, for sure, but… it was so WEIRD. They started playing a song off an album that was the seminal theme music of my high school life, and instantly I could smell vanilla car freshener wafting in from my memory.

You know how sometimes you can recall a smell from a bazgillion* experiences ago? Well, the scent of vanilla car freshener means Pearl Jam to me. I remember sitting in a friend’s car at lunch hour, listening to Pearl Jam while he ingested that day’s drug of choice. He had a vanilla air freshener hanging from his rear view mirror, and a glove compartment full of escapism. (Don’t worry mom, I never did any drug except for alcohol – I promise).

Twenty years ago. How did that happen? It kind of makes me feel… you know, sort of… old. And it doesn’t help to think that when I was watching my friend bat gnomes off the hood of his car while he was tripping balls and I was eating a chocolate chip muffin from the cafeteria, The Cheerleader I Live With was in 2nd grade, learning all about the magic of letters and numbers. Meh – I’m into younger guys, what can I say?

It’s a grey, rainy day out there. The perfect kind of day to contemplate one’s aging. I’m happy. I’ve lived a good life thus far, and I intend to make it better year by year. Age is only relevant when all you do is look back on it with regret. I intend to keep stockpiling memories that will usurp any regrets I may have had.

I’m going to go look at the lines on my face now… just to remind myself that I got most of them from laughing and smiling for the past 20 years.

Happy Monday, all.

*Bazgillion may or may not be a real number.