So… a few weeks ago I was sent an invitation to attend the Donor Appreciation Night at the Delta Hospice. I was actually about to send them an email about volunteering for them on that night, but I received an invitation to attend instead. Cool! Climb a mountain, get in on the good stuff. Deal!

So, I get somewhat dolled up, put on my trusty Volunteer ID badge, and mosey on over to the Hospice Centre to see what all the fuss is about. The Cheerleader I Work For is a member of the board there, so he and I grab a sparkling mineral water and start chatting… he says to me, ‘yeah, we’re unveiling the Donor Wall tonight’. That’s cool, I think to myself, what a funky night to be a part of! The Hospice Society was shouldered with the job of raising $8 million in a year and a half, and the generosity of these Donors actually made it happen. Since I am such an avid supporter of Hospice, I think it’s great to be there as the Donors are thanked and honoured. The Cheerleader I Work For then says, ‘come see your name!’

MY name?

MINE? What the hell are you taking about?

Sure enough, there I am, on the Donor Wall. See?

That’s me!  I’m on the Donor Wall!

I was NOT expecting that.

At all.


…and so I totally cried.

Of course.