You know that saying, ‘do something everyday that scares you’? Well, today I’m totally doing something that scares me. A lot. Scarier than a wasp in the car, scarier than going to a new hairstylist, scarier than losing your passport at LAX and only realizing it when you’re ripping your carry-on bag apart in front of a seriously unimpressed TSA agent and a line-up of 45 impatient people at the security gate. *ahem*

Today, The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With and I are going to attempt to turn something absolutely stupid into something that the world finally realizes it was missing. It’s no small feat, and we risk great humiliation… but humiliation is what we do best.

More on that later.

…or possibly never if we get laughed out of the room. If that happens we’ll be running away, and going to live in Guam. Or Switzerland. Or Switzerguam.

It’s a beautiful day out there today, people – don’t forget to enjoy it.