I wish Rebecca Black had done her ridiculous song about Monday instead of Friday, because she totally ruined the best day of the week. Why couldn’t she have just made Monday worse? No one would have noticed! She’s a jerk. There! I said it!

So, I spent the weekend on the couch. This is not like me, AT ALL. I prefer to be up and moving, running around and doing things. Seeing people, experiencing things, just on-the-go. But, I got a cold instead. I was able to get out on Friday night, as The Cheerleader I Live With took me for a motorcycle ride to a funky little restaurant where we killed some time and some red quinoa. But that was it. I was done, done, done for the rest of the weekend.

I watched some documentaries (a really cool one on savants, and the making of The Shining), played a lot of Angry Birds, and read a bit. I also moaned, whined, complained and made small whimpering noises every so often. I don’t ‘do’ sick. It doesn’t become me. The only good thing about my being sick is that I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I probably lost a little weight.

Aaaaaaaanyway, I’m happy that I was sick this weekend, because NEXT weekend The Cheerleader I Live With and I are going away on a nice, romantic weekend. We’ve got a dog-sitter coming by, our flights are booked, our bags are packed (almost), and we’re just ready to rip through this week to get to Friday and fly far away. Ok, maybe not FAR away, but away nonetheless.

Happy Monday everybody! (“It’s Monday, Monday, gotta’ get down on Monday…”)