Ummmm… happy Tuesday? Ok, ok, so I forgot to blog yesterday. I got a little busy in the morning (not like THAT! Sheesh, people…) and I completely forgot to blog. I did get my new pants hemmed, though. Yay! No more stealth paperclips for me!

So. The dog fell over yesterday. Three times. The first time was the best time, though because 1) it scared the bejeebus out of us, and 2) she fell into a *ahem* puddle of dog poop. We live in a park, people, a LARGE park. There’s acres of forest, lawn, and river bank providing the dogs with ample falling-over space. But our dog had to find the ONE spot in the park where some quite ill dog rid himself of what ailed him. There, Jenn? Really? Sigh. It was kind of freaky, though. She just keeled over, then stood up, walked a few steps and keeled over again. Then she stood, looked up at us, took three steps backwards, and fell on her furry butt. No idea what happened, but we’re assuming that it was some sort of Disney ‘Freaky Friday’ thing where she and our other (seizure-prone) dog switched bodies. Or else she was drunk. Again.

My big plan today is to bathe the dogs. My life is AWESOME.

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday – I’m thinking that I’m just going to make every blog a Friday-Trainwreck type of entry, and just sort of let my imagination go in whatever direction it wants to. That means I’ll be doing things like telling you about dog poop and oranges in the same post.

FYI: I like oranges.