You know what the best part of a road trip is? Stocking up on snacks. You now what the best part of flying is? Stocking up on magazines. You know what the best part of eating out is? Getting dessert.

I love finding things to use as an excuse to do all those things that I rarely ever do. The Cheerleader I Live With and I are not ‘snack’ people. Now, we love snacks, that’s not in question. But the fact is we don’t buy chips, or cookies, or anything like that to have around the house. However, put us in the car for any drive over an hour in length, and we’re packing grocery bags of chips, chocolate, and salty snacks. Gotta’ have the salty snacks, man. I also cut up some veggies and toss ’em in, but that’s only out of guilt.

It’s kind of the same with flying, for me. Aside from my Vanity Fair subscription, I am loathe to actually spend money on magazines. Seriously, why in god’s name would I ever want to spend $4 to read about Kim Kardashian’s wedding, or the Jolie/Pitt litter’s trip to Disneyland? But put me in an airport, and I’m all aver those magazines! I’ve been known to shell out ridiculous amounts of money on Esquire, GQ and Vogue magazines, only to get extremely bored of them after 10 minutes, and leave them in the airport lounge. I’m not the only one that does this, I know it. And I dig it.

So this weekend, go out and do some of those things that you don’t normally let yourself do. It’s Canuck Thanksgiving, so we Canadians are going to have some extra pie and a few more drinks. Because hey, it’s Thanksgiving, and holidays are the perfect time to do those things that you don’t normally do.  Right, Jim?

Happy Thanksgiving!!