I’m kind of tired and dopey this morning, so I’m going to make this a photoblog. Because I can. So, here are some random photos from the wee vacation The Cheerleader I Live With and I took this past weekend. I love living in BC – everywhere is beautiful, and everyone is nice. Yay!

Who needs a taxi stand when you’re equipped with a thumb, and drivers are equipped with extra awesome?

‘Tis a wee church, aye.

‘Tis a large tree, aye.

Well that’s different.

…and so is that.

A few years ago I went to a really great place to find a little solace. There were about 2 dozen people in our group, and one day an elder came in and sat with each of us individually to find out what our personal Totems were (usually Totems are assigned to groups/families/clans, but whatever). People came back into the room after meeting with her and said things like, “I’m eagle!”, or “I’m a fox!” I, apparently, am an Arbutus tree. Not a wolf, or an eagle, or a bear… I was an inanimate object. The only non-animal of the group. But it made perfect sense… it fit. It was a very personal experience that I don’t share with a lot of people. But here I am… with an Arbutus tree doing exactly what Arbutus trees do.

Exploring – yay!

Going home – Booooooo!

We flew home in one of the smallest planes I have ever been in. It was awesome!

All in all, our weekend away at Poet’s Cove was pretty rad. We ate lots, drank more, wandered around, got spoiled rotten, and The Cheerleader I Live With kicked my arse at darts and at Battleship. Next time I’ll get him drunk first. Cheating is fun!

Happy Tuesday everyone.