The Cheerleader I Live With and I have the World’s Poutiest Dog. Basically her thought process goes like this: “Mom? Dad? I’m inside. This is stupid. I wanna’ be OUTside!” And she looks at us like this:

So we put her outside.

“YAY! I’m outside!!!”

And soon (far too soon) her thought process goes like this, “Guuuuuys. I’m outside. This is stupid. Why am I outside? I wanna’ be INside!”

So we ignore her.

And she pouts.

Then she scratches at the window, repeatedly. Until she tires herself out.

Then she falls asleep, and eventually looks like this:

We can’t win with this dog. I think she’s part cat, to be honest. Inside, outside. Inside, outside. Inside, outside. Unhappy, unhappy, unhappy.


Sadly, this isn’t actually the biggest problem with this dog – it gets much worse. I’m not a bad dog trainer, but I’ve messed up this one, big time.  So, we’ve called in The Big Guns. We’re losing our minds with this little beast, so we decided to ask for some help. I’ve worked with Amber before, and she’s really fabulous – she doesn’t employ any of those Caesar Milan choke-the-dog-into-submission tactics, and I’m 100% fine with that! Mostly she just helps you think on a dog’s level. Although what Jenn’s ‘level’ is, I’m not quite sure.

Aaaaaaaaaaanyway… that’s what’s happening this week in the Big House of Ridiculous Things.

Happy Wednesday!