Soooooo… THIS made me pretty pissed off the other day. So much so that I decided to write a little letter to the ol’ CBC to express what I was feeling. I thought I’d share it here, as well… Hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it.


Dear CBC,

Thanks to Kevin O’Leary’s blatant ignorance and unwarranted attack on the respected journalist Chris Hedges re: the Occupy Wall Street movement, you can be assured that I won’t be tuning in to CBC again. It has been made painfully obvious that by hiring such an uneducated and crude individual as Kevin O’Leary, that CBC cares more about sensationalism than it does about journalism.

I now see how incredibly out-of-touch CBC is with Canadians, and your employment of Kevin O’Leary is the sad proof. That segment has shamed Canadians in the eyes of the world, and has driven us down to the dark, staggering depths of Fox News levels. I am disgusted and appalled, and from here on out CBC will not be getting a minute more of my viewership. You don’t deserve it.

I’ll miss hockey, but my integrity means more to me than sports. I cannot, and will not, support your organization as it purports to be informative, but is (quite obviously) merely money-hungry. If the audience you’re targeting are those that find the offensiveness of Kevin O’Leary’s “style” to be entertaining and/or informative, than I don’t want to be associated with that audience. And, one more time, I do not want to be associated with your corporation, as it somehow feels that “hosts” such as Kevin O’Leary have something of value to offer the public discourse.

Shame on you, CBC, for falling to the level of sensationalist tactics. I expected more of you. The world expects more of Canadians.


Now, I’m no idiot. I know what kind of corporation CBC is, and really I’m not all that shocked that they’ve hired a dirtbag nitwit like O’Leary. I guess the Occupy Wall Street movement has inspired me to say ‘enough!’

And hey, I can watch hockey games on other channels. No big deal.

Happy Thursday!