Ohhhhh, I have a busy, busy day today. I have to head to the doctor, then run into the city to see a friend for lunch, go see another friend and get my hair cut, get a (insert girlie euphemism here) wax, meet some friends for dinner, then go to a gallery opening. *Whew!* It all starts at 9am, so this FT is going to be short.

It’s a gorgeous Autumn morning, and I’m looking forward to wandering around the city and enjoying the rest of the day. Life can be very good, even when you’re incredibly busy.

On another note, I think I may have secured a second job… I think. I’m not 100% sure, but it seems likely. I’ll let you know more when *I* Know more. Yay! Working!

I have GOT to stop playing Angry Birds. It’s just sick and wrong how much time I can waste throwing screaming birds at fat, snorting, perching pigs.

We leave for Guatemala in 116 days…

Pie is far superior to cake. Unless we’re talking about chocolate cake with vanilla icing. That is some seriously good cake. But pie is just superior somehow. It’s all melty and fruity and pastry-covered. I should bake a cake into a pie! Oh my god… I have seen the light!

Mkay – off I go to start my busy, busy day. Happy Friday everyone! Have a fabulous weekend.