Sooooo… what did YOU do last night?

The Cheerleader I Live With and I decided on a whim to go on an adventure! We packed the car full of snacks, dropped the pups off at g’ma’s for a few hours, then made our way Stateside. We were heading for the U of W in Seattle, Washington to go to a book store. Y’see, there was an author there doing a book signing, and I really wanted to go see if I could meet him and chat with him about writing for a bit.

The Cheerleader I Live With and I talked and laughed and ate snacks all the way to Seattle, (aside from that brief stop we made to talk to the nice man with the shiny gun sitting in the little booth deciding if we should be allowed into his big country), and when we reached our destination, I hopped out to get in the line-up while The Cheerleader I Live With drove around looking for parking. The mark of a true man, in my opinion.

I went inside, bought a book, then got in the signing line behind some chick with a one-eyed pug, and her boyfriend who was feeding said one-eyed pug some tiny dog treats out of a prescription pill bottle. Shortly after, a guy with a MASSIVE ginger afro and his teeny-tiny girlfriend got in line behind me. The Cheerleader I Live With showed up, and was from then on responsible for making sure I didn’t cry. We waited… will I have this waiting for ME one day?

The author came out of the back room and stood in front of us and asked if we had any questions for him. Tentatively I raised my hand and asked if he ever had writer’s block, and if he ever wanted to just toss the book aside and say, “forget it!” He told me that he didn’t even cash the publisher’s advance cheque until he was done the book, because he wasn’t ever sure that he could finish the thing. It took him 14 months to complete the book… that’s where I am now with The Book. I won’t be finishing it anytime soon, either.

Anyway, the Q&A period soon ended, and we were invited up to get our books signed and to chat with the author for a couple of minutes. This is what I came here for. This is why we drove 2 hours here and will be driving 2 hours back. For these 2 minutes. I’ve been waiting 20 years for these 2 minutes. I walked up, shook his hand, and chatted with him about writing a little more. We talked about Stephen King’s “On Writing” (thanks again to My Friend With The Giant Baby for recommending that book to me), and we chatted about writer’s block, too. I was enthralled.

See? Enthralled girl:

Then he signed my book in his weird, left-handed scrawl, posed for a photo with me, and shook my hand one more time before I walked away. Not that I wanted to walk away! We were having an interesting talk, but the line-up behind me now was far longer than it was when I first arrived.

And so, The Cheerleader I Live With and I left the crowd, left the book store, left the city, and left the country, singing our way home and laughing like goofballs over the adventure we just had. This is how memories are made.

Thank you Duff.

Thank you Cheerleader I Live With. xo