I asked The Cheerleader I Live With an important question this morning… If you had to be eaten by a bear or a lion, which would you choose? He chose a polar bear, because he assumed that his body would be frozen so he wouldn’t feel anything anyway. I thought that was pretty smart. I chose a lion, because I would be all like, “Holy shit! I’m being eaten by a freaking lion! I’m totally going to be on the news”.

If I can be serious for a moment… try as I might, I simply cannot tell the difference between a fajita and a burrito.

I’ve got cupcakes on the brain again. Don’t worry, this won’t devolve into another Muffin Trainwreck like it did before (even though you freaks chose that post as your favourite one – I still don’t get that. Weirdos) – I just saw a picture of a cupcake yesterday when I was in a shoe store, and I’ve been all “I want a cupcake, fool!” ever since.

I saw a photo of a cupcake while I was in a shoe store. That is all.

My dog is angry at me because The Cheerleader I Live With and I did not have eggs for breakfast. She is looking at me like I killed her mother or something. Pure hatred coming from that dog at the moment… farts to follow, I am sure. It’s what she does. Well, that and napping. Farting and napping. That’s about it. It’s good to be a dog, I guess.

Speaking of which, I do believe  I have secured a second job. I’ve been told that my paperwork has gone through to accounting, and that I should expect a phone call from HR soon, but I haven’t officially been told that I actually have the job. It’s kind of odd, and I’ve got my hopes up but, just like selling a house, I’m not going to get excited until the papers are all signed.

And hey, just for kicks, let’s end this post off with a few more ‘Resume Fails’ from my friend who is the HR manager at a fancy-schmancy hotel in the city…

My name is Wendy and I am a safe, sane, and reliable twenty year old female

I was top of all of my classes accounting and therefore I am very accurate

Kwatlen undergraduate with over two years of businss experience

I undertook a varied amount of Administrative duties, as well as creating
HR problems

The most detailed (and slightly odd) interests section on a resume ever: Interests Cats, Helping people, Drawing, Reading, Cryptozoology, Movies, T.C.M., Clint Eastwood, Parapsychology, Antiques, Auto mechanics, Mark Twain, Home repair, Photography, Birds, Gardening, Play some instruments, Music (Beatles), Camping, Computer activities, Christmas, Halloween, Wine (not at work), Driving, Coast To Coast AM, Cooking, Organics, Ghost towns, Old houses, Old time radio

To service all customers , and try my best to leave all customers satisfied.

Happy Friday!