On Sunday night The Cheerleader I Live With and I went for dinner with some new friends. They are a semi-retired couple that started their lives together living on a sailboat as the gentleman roamed about from port to port working on engineering-type jobs, as the beautiful lady helped sail the boat, and keep them comfortable and happy. This gentleman got a very good name for himself over the years, and is now highly-respected and sought-after in his field (hence the semi-retirement).

This lovely couple lived on the sailboat for a few years until they decided to move ashore and start a family. They built themselves a home. Yes, built. Took the timber to the mill, put up their own roof, detailed their own hardwood flooring to make it look like a ship’s deck… basically they did everything except the dry walling and the finishing carpentry. It is an incredibly beautiful and finely detailed home – the type you’d see in one of them thar’ fancy magazines that cost $10. And so, they raised a few great kids and lived a very happy life at their home with their dogs, hunting invasive frogs by the lake at the foot of their property, and cooking frog’s legs by the fire at night.

When the kids grew up and moved away to school, this couple decided that they’d had enough of land, and since they had been dreaming of getting back on the water, they said, ‘let’s do it!’ and bought themselves a beautiful boat to live on once again. But this time, they didn’t choose a sailboat…

This boat is SO cool… it’s very comfortable and live-able and is sturdy as all get-out. It was built by a renown fish seine builder, so the thing is far more sea-worthy than any other ‘yacht’ one might come across. But I’ll be damned if it’s not as luxurious and home-like as any other ‘yacht’ one might come across.

Aaaaaaanyway… The Cheerleader I Live With and I had a lovely dinner with this amazing, story-full couple, and as we walked back home at the end of the night we began dreaming, and wishing,about what our own future could look like. He’s always wanted to build his own home, so once he saw the photos of this couple’s self-built home, his ambitions became that much stronger. And living on a boat? Well…

Could I do it? Would I get sea-sick? Is it too much like camping? Certainly spending time on The Coast Pilot made me see that you can give up comfort without giving up land, and that you can give up a house without giving up a home. Let’s just say that it’s a possibility for sometime in the future. Maybe. We’ll see.

Could you imagine what the sky would look like in far-flung corners of BC, as you sat on the bow of your boat, sipping wine and eating canapes and letting your voices drift off into the night as you talked until the sun stole the stars away?

Imagine reading in a comfortable chair by the fire, cozy under your fluffy blanket with an espresso on the table beside you, as a storm raged outside that gently rocked you back and forth as you were safely tied to the dock in some outpost in the middle of nowhere…

How about being able to move your entire home whenever you felt like it, wherever you felt like going. Haida Gwaii, Tahiti, Florida, Mexico… the world is your ocean!

Such adventure. Such peace. Such a dream.


Happy Tuesday.