So, I’m eating my orange slices this morning, and The Cheerleader I Live With looks across the table at me and says, “I think we should name our blinds”

Never in my life have I been able to use the phrase, ‘furrowed brow’, but that all changes this morning. I look up from my plate of orange carcasses, and as I wonder if he’s taken his medication yet today he asks, “How about Cletus the Trampoline Expert?”


“And Swingy.”

“Uh, huuuuh…”

“Oh, and that one is Delilah.”

Well I wasn’t expecting this today. I calmly push my chair away from the table, thinking that it is very important for me to remember this conversation word-for-word… so that I can blog about it. I back slowly away from the apparently oblivious Cheerleader I Live With, cooing soft phrases of tranquility at him as though he were standing on an 8th floor ledge. He just looks at me, smiles, and continues eating his oatmeal.

He’s right nuts, that one.

Happy Wednesday.