Happy (what’s left of) Tuesday!

Today I went to an orientation for my new job. It was almost 9-hours long, so I’m a little bit frazzled, to say the least. Man, there was a LOT of paperwork! Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a fun gig, so I’ll keep you posted on the weirdness that I’m allowed to share.

Now, for the first time in, ohhhhhhh… 13 or so years, I’m on shift-work. And since I’m at the ‘bottom of the barrel’ regarding shifts, I can expect my Friday and Saturday nights to be jam-packed with work for the next 5 years. Or something like that. Boooooo… There is one super upside to the job, though – I get to wear a pencil skirt. I have a decent-sized booty (or, “Boo-tay” as the kids call it these days), so pencil skirts work for me. Just as well, considering the vests that we wear sort of smooshes down what little I have in the upper quadrant.

Needless to say, my blogs may not be showing up at the regular times, but I will still be writing every day (provided the pencil-skirt-and-vest combo doesn’t cut off circulation to my brain), and hopefully keeping you entertained in the process. I’m a woman with two jobs now… I’m expecting to write a lot more exciting rants in the future. Stay tuned for more insanity – yay!

Mkay, I’m hungry now. Better get used to late dinners, I guess. It’s not going to be all that bad considering that The Cheerleader I Live With has it all taken care of. For tonight at least. Mmmmm… tuuuuuuna…