Happy Friday everyone! I mean, thanks to my new job it’s no longer MY Friday, but I won’t deny you yours. See how fair I am? See how I care? It’s all about you, people, it’s alllllllllllllll about you.

My toe hurts.

I think coffee is magnificent. I really do. It’s such a lovely way to start the day, it’s a fabulous way to spend a bit of the afternoon with someone, and hey, it’s not even a bad way to end the evening. Coffee and I used to be strangers, but then I discovered that if you cram a bunch of chocolate in the same cup as you pour your coffee, magical things happen! Fine, I’ll admit it: coffee is simply a vehicle for chocolate. It allows me to have chocolate before breakfast and not feel bad about it. My god, coffee… is there anything you can’t do?

Ah yes, back to this new job of mine… I’ve never worked in the hospitality industry before, and now I remember why I had avoided it. Two reasons: uniforms, and shift work. I feel fat and dumpy in my uniform, and given that I’m working along three size-two women, I’m feeling like a horse stuffed into a baggie. The pencil skirt is more magic marker-esque, and the uniform isn’t as ‘airline stewardess’ as I was hoping. It’s more, ‘uniforms are bought in bulk, and are not at all form-fitting, especially for someone with your figure…ooops!’  *sigh*  As for the shift work, it appears that my social life has taken a long walk off a short pier. It’s a good thing I live with The Cheerleader I Live With, otherwise I’d never see him. I don’t think I see an actual weekend until at least February.

I have had a Celine Dion song stuck in my head for almost a week, and I’m *this close* to climbing a clock tower, people.

Continental airlines charges you $40 more if you want extra legroom. I think that’s discrimination, don’t you? I think that if you’re over a certain height, you shouldn’t be charged for more legroom. Humpf.

Anyway… The Cheerleader I Live With has contracted the Bubonic plague or something, so I need to go check in on him and make sure he’s not dead or anything. I’m caring like that.

Happy Friday!