Ahhhhhhhh, shift work. I have a day off today, so it’s my Saturday! …but I actually go back to work tomorrow, so today is my Sunday. Hmmmm…. Weirdest. Monday. Ever.

My plan for today is to put my tired feet up, eat a lot of popcorn and catch up on all the Jon Stewart episodes I’ve missed from the last week.

What I’m actually going to do today is go to the yoga studio and work for a couple of hours, exchange a pair of shoes, make a menu for the week, go grocery shopping, buy some more panty hose (do NOT get me started on the price of those goddamn things), walk the dogs, memorize the half-dozen security codes I need for my new job, walk the dogs, organize four days of randomly-scribbled-yet-incredibly-important notes, complete four “challenges” (read: knowledge tests) before my shift tomorrow, walk the dogs, then go to a meeting in the city regarding the Guatemala adventure that The Cheerleader I Live With and I are going on in January.

Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy… daaaaay offfffff… *sigh*

Treat yourself to a nice lunch today. You deserve it!