Yesterday The Cheerleader I Live With had a Boys’ Day and watched football from dawn to dusk with his good friend, Matt. That meant that I had the day to myself to do whatever I wanted to do. Sooooooo…

I ate popcorn for breakfast and watched what is now one of my favourite movies,

I took the dogs on a couple of long walks,

I ate cereal for lunch,

I went for a wee run (one of the dogs was most upset by this, so I had to cut my run short),

I cleaned the house,did some dishes and folded the laundry,

I grabbed a few groceries,

I sat on the couch and read a magazine,

I spent a goodly amount of time texting random people,

I ordered Indian food for dinner,

then finally I picked up The Cheerleader I Live With from the train station so that he could share my dinner with me.

Not a bad way to waste a Sunday, eh?

And the best part? I get to have left-over Indian food for lunch today. I like today already.

Happy Monday Nomday!