#1 – tomato sauce on pizza should not be counted as one of the daily portions of vegetables

#2 – Pepper spray is more than simply a “food product

#3 – Someone tell Michelle Bachmann that “getting rid of the minimum wage” will not “eliminate unemployment”

#4 – Why is ANYONE shocked that Michelle Obama was booed at a freakin’ NASCAR event?

#5 – Someone tell Stephen Harper that building more prisons will not solve social problems

#6 – “Nobody’s perfect. Well, there was this one guy (apparently), but we killed him” (C. Moore from “Lamb”)

#7 – Can someone please remind the Toronto school board that kids get hit with soccer balls, whiffle balls, volleyballs, tether balls, rubber balls, plastic balls, Nerf balls, tennis balls, baseballs, and a plethora of other balls when they’re on the playground, so there’s no need to BAN balls because of that. Thanks.

#8 – *facepalm*

And if all that wasn’t enough, did you know that Sly Stallone is making a Rocky MUSICAL, and that Corbin Bernsen has 8000 freaking snowglobes?!

This world gets weirder and weirder every day…

Happy Tuesday.