The term “Hump Day” has always kind of skeeved me out. Personally, I think that unless you’re an infantry man, an orthopedic doctor, a landscaper, or an eight-year-old, you should never be allowed to use the word “hump”.

I will now suggest other words that I think should be used to replace the word “hump”: ennui, git, Malahat, chimichanga, repertoire, confabulation, pedantic, quotidian, lugubrious, unctuous, fandango, transmogrify, paradigm, hegemony, garbanzos, and Buttafucco. Feel free to pepper these words into your daily vocabulary by wishing your friends and coworkers a quotidian morning, or by referring to last night’s date as a pedantic git. The possibilities are fandangoless!

Happy Buttafucco Day everyone!