So as I was walking around the city the other day, I came across a poster for something called ‘Manic Mondays’ which, apparently occurs every Monday at a local movie theatre. Turns out, for $10 you can sit through a double bill of 80’s movies every Monday night ($8 if you wear a movie-related costume)! Isn’t that awesome!?

I sent a quick message to The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With to inform her of this magical treasure I had found, and she was all in. What a way to make Mondays kick ass! She and I made plans to go see Dirty Dancing and Flashdance tonight, then got to thinking about what kind of costume we should wear. I had visions of unitards and legwarmers, but she was thinking  more flowy skirts and high heels… in the end we compromised, and now we’re considering carrying watermelons.

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe we’ll just stay in and wear leg warmers and high heels, and watch 80’s movies and make up dance routines in her living room.

Either way, 80’s Monday is awesome!