(I’m telling you now – I wrote this post after drinking too little sleep and too many mochas, so I’m not taking any blame for how it turns out)

So, last night The Cheerleader I Climb Mountains With and I got our 80’s on and danced our way through Footloose and Dirty Dancing. Well, we didn’t so much ‘dance’ as laugh at the horrible scripting, cheesy drama, and sub-par acting that exemplifies the 80’s movie genre, and makes us love it all the more.

However cheesey, bad, horrible, embarrassing, humiliating, and pathetic 80’s movies are, why for the love of god do people insist on remaking them? I was able to deal with Dirty Dancing 2 (but that had NOTHING to do with a sweaty, hip swaying, Cuban-accented Diego Luna at all. *cough*), but Footloose 2011?!


NO NO NO! Bad, Paramount pictures, BAD!

What is wrong with people? Can’t they just leave good enough alone? And trust me, when it come to 80’s movies, ‘good enough’ is a pretty apt description. I *like* stupid 80’s movies, and I don’t want anyone to make them ‘better’. Pffft… better. I get that there are some movies from the 80’s that aren’t of Shawshank quality, but c’mon, leave the classics alone!

TRON, Conan the Barbarian, and Wall Street all got remade, and that sucked (especially Wall Street). But then super cheesy 80’s TV shows were made into movies, too! The A-Team, Fame, Dukes of Hazzard, even Miami Vice! Miami Vice?! That show was barely good to begin with! Travesty.

Thankfully some studios understand that there are some lines one just should not cross, beca… wait.





Is nothing sacred?! Damn you, Lion’s Gate Films, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn yoooooooooooooooooou!

*runs away sobbing*

Happy Tuesday… I think…