I’ve got a busy day ahead of me today, so I thought I’d just throw some random photos together for you to enjoy. Today, I show you places around there world where I have been naked.


In 2009 I went to Greece with my good friend Bin. We had been planning this trip for… oh…. 20 years or so, and were freaking thrilled that we got to finally go together. We even stayed at her grandma’s house – it was modern upstairs, and… well, “rustic” downstairs. Here is the downstairs bathroom…

Tanzania 2010 – we stayed at a great place called the Marangu Hotel, and this was the oasis that I dreamed of while I climbd Mt. Kilimanjaro…

The W Hotel in Mexico City is freakin’ AWESOME! Where else can you have a bath in a giant soup bowl, or swing in a hammock under the shower, all while looking out over the city?

Amsterdam. The Lloyd – seriously rad, totally artsy hotel just outside the city. All the rooms are different, and I really wanted to stay in the room that had a bed that slept 8. However, I got to stay in the room with the bathtub in the middle of the room!

Is it weird that I take photos of bathrooms when I travel?

Yeah. I know.

Happy Wednesday!