I’ve always felt more of an affinity toward animals than I do toward people. I remember reading a story a few years ago where some jackass thought it would be cool to shoot his dog. However, when the guy pointed his gun at the dog, the good ol’ pup swatted at the gun with his paw, turning it back on previously mentioned jackass, and thus ending his useless jackass life. Hah!

We don’t treat animals right. When “wild animals” come into “our” cities and towns, we shoot them. When we’re too lazy and/or stupid to spay/neuter our animals, and they breed (as is their nature), we destroy their offspring. We cover ourselves with musk, dress in camouflage, buy guns with scopes and long-range capacities, and hide behind trees to ambush an animal just going about their business of being an animal. Then, we proudly mount the animal’s head on a plaque and hang it above the fireplace, as a trophy to our bravery and vast intelligence.

Animals deserve better than how humans treat them. I’m the girl that cheers for the bull, and not the matador. I’m the one who feels great satisfaction when bucking broncos toss the cowboy off their back, and set about to stomping on his human arse. I’m they type that loves stories of animal revenge, like The Tiger by John Vaillant.

But I digress…

Yes, I’m all for animals… and at this time of year, it’s all about bears for me. Our local junior hockey team the Vancouver Giants participates in the Teddy Bear Toss each year, where they invite the fans to bring a new, unwrapped teddy bear with them on a specific game night. When the Giants score their first goal, the fans let loose and throw all the bears on the ice. It’s fuzzy mayhem! Thousands of bears rain down on the players, and it doesn’t take long before masses of fuzzy bear lumps accumulate into big piles. Volunteers and players help scoop the bears off the ice, and all of those collected toys are donated to local children’s charities. The Teddy Bear Toss chokes me up every year. I like it when people are good.

Wanna’ see this year’s Teddy Bear Toss video? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Happy Tuesday, all.